Insurance Tips

Why YOU need an Independent Insurance Agent?

Tip brought to you by Mike Colquett, CISR, CIC

An insurance policy is a written legal contract that spells out all of the conditions, coverages, exclusions, responsibilities, deductibles, etc… between the insurance company and the client. Some companies offer percentage deductibles, and some offer flat deductibles.

Some have a percentage deductible on wind and hail, while others just have it a named storm. It goes without saying that all contracts are not the same. Some are more comprehensive than others and thus their premiums are usually a bit higher. Unless you know what the contracts state, it is difficult to compare rates and be accurate.

This is why you need an independent insurance agent to help you do comparison shopping. Contact us today and let us use our 42 years of experience in designing you a policy that fits your needs without any surprises at claims time.